Meet Ali

In 1991, Ali and his wife fled their home in Somalia due to the civil war. After spending seven years in a Kenyan refugee camp, they came to Canada to build a better life for their family. From 2004 to 2024, Ali worked for the Halifax Regional Fire Department as a firefighter and spent time as the fire department’s Diversity and Community Liaison Officer. Ali’s inspiring story has been featured at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights as a testament to his hard work and dedication to build a new life for him and his family.

Ali has devoted his life to the community by advocating for a mosque and a community centre that provides a place for his family and neighbours to gather. As a father of eight, Ali has been a strong ally for youth and coordinated a free basketball program for immigrant youth at St. Andrew’s Community Centre as well as a swimming program at the Canada Games Centre. Ali has been involved with a number of community boards, including the Maritime Muslim Academy Board.