Share your appreciation for community heroes

As your MLA I am presented with a unique opportunity to express gratitude and recognition for outstanding individuals who make a real difference in our lives by reading Member’s Statements in the Legislature. It’s a time for sharing a special shout-out to the unsung heroes, the business owners who uplift our community, the dedicated volunteers, and those who have achieved remarkable feats, whether academically or otherwise.

I am inviting you to submit a Member’s Statement, highlighting the exceptional people you believe deserve recognition.

Whether it’s a neighbor who tirelessly volunteers at our local food bank, a business owner who creates jobs and supports local causes, or a student who has excelled academically, we want to hear about them. Your Member’s Statement will be read aloud in the Legislature, allowing us to collectively celebrate their achievements and say a heartfelt thank you.

To nominate someone for this honor, simply send an email to my office with the following information:

  • The name of the individual you want to recognize.
  • A brief description of their contributions to our community.
  • Why you believe they should be acknowledged in the Legislature.

Let’s come together as a community and ensure these remarkable individuals receive the recognition they truly deserve. Your submissions will play a vital role in making this possible.